Many of us have incredibly limited knowledge of electrical wiring and how electricity works. We often do not fully understand and appreciate when and why it is important to seek the services of an electrician to carry out electrical repairs and ensure the safety of our homes or workplaces.

With the exception of homes built very recently, it is more than likely that your home’s electrical system would benefit from some attention in the form of upgrading and repairs. The electrical safety of homes is increasing as a result of new electrical codes and it is consequently important to keep up to date with these changes.

It is also worth remembering that with our increased dependence on technology, our demand for power is always growing.

So, what sorts of electrical ‘symptoms’ indicate that an electrician should be called?

1: If you are finding that electrical circuit breakers frequently trip or your fuses blow often, an electrician should be called. It is not a matter of repeatedly replacing fuses and resetting circuit breakers as your system will continue to draw more current than they are able to safely feed. Both of these situations can also indicate that there is a problematic and potentially dangerous problem with one circuit or more.

2: If you notice that your lights flicker and/or dim unexpectedly when particular appliances are used, it is a good idea to seek the electrical services of a qualified, experienced and skilled electrician. So many appliances that operate with a motor draw excessive amounts of electrical current and need to have their own dedicated circuits.

3: Overloaded power points and power boards put incredible demands on the electrical systems of numerous homes and workplaces. In fact, such arrangements can force the electrical system to work far beyond the capacity at which it is designed and an electrician can create additional circuits and receptacles to make your premises safer.

4: Even today, a surprising number of homes feature electrical cords that run under rugs and along the skirting boards. If this is the case in your home, a significant electrical risk exists and more power outlets are needed. Call an electrician and have them install additional outlets to not only improve the appearance but enhance the safety of your home.

5: If you still have power points in your older home that will not accommodate three-prong grounded plugs, you certainly need to call an electrician. This situation may indicate that the electrical system of your home is not fully and sufficiently grounded and this may subsequently mean that your home is not safe.

6: Switches, power points and any other electrical system surfaces that are warm to touch and any switches or outlets that give off a tiny (or larger) electric shock can be an indication that at best there is excessive demand on the circuit, or possibly something much worse. Some older homes still have aluminum wiring which means that it is necessary to have the electrical wiring of your home regularly checked, but warm surfaces or those that provide a shock should always be seen to by an electrician.

Because electrical systems are so dangerous(and yet we are surrounded by them in our homes and workplaces), it is very important that qualified electricians are engaged to ensure the electrical safety of your home or workplace. Only a qualified and insured electrician can safely provide electrical testing services and a range of other electrical services necessary to guarantee safety and protection.

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