Electrical outlets are so common in a house, they can be easy to overlook. Because we all know how important electricity is to our daily lives, it makes sense you would want to make sure it is there when you need it. You also want to make sure it is safe. Electricity is a necessity, but it is risky when not used properly or when the wiring moving the electricity through the house is damaged or faulty. It isn’t all that uncommon to come across a bad outlet in a home explains an electrician. Baltimore homeowners can rely on the professional team at Maryland Electrician Pros to take care of any bad outlets around the house.

There are a few key signs you need to know so you can identify a faulty outlet before it becomes a serious problem.

1. Black streaks that shoot up the wall or down are a bad sign. If possible, turn off the breaker to the outlet and call an electrician in Baltimore to replace the outlet right away. An outlet that has these streaks can cause a fire whether there is anything plugged in or not.
2. If you smell burning wires, which tends to have a metallic, rubber smell, cut power to the outlet and call for service.
3. If an outlet doesn’t work at all, it is likely because the wires have either become disconnected or have no electricity running to them. Both are bad signs and need attention.
4. Snapping, crackling or other sounds coming from within the wall where the outlet is placed could be a sign of slow burning. Cut the power and get a Maryland electrician to take a look at the wiring.
5. Outlets that are loose and wiggle need to be securely fastened to keep the wires from jiggling loose and possibly sparking a fire.

If you have noticed any of these signs, give Maryland Electrician Pros a call to take care of the problem for you.

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