Electrical Service Upgrades (“Heavy-Up”) to Older Homes

Our team of experienced residential electricians can safely ensure that vintage and older homes are able to handle the electrical demands of modern life. While modern homes are built to handle 200 amp service, many older homes are not. This means that running computers, printers, flat screen TVs, and other modern, high-tech appliances can cause problems in homes that were built in earlier decades. Our electrician services can safely and effectively upgrade your home’s ability to smoothly handle the demands of modern life.

Restore power to dead outlets, electrical panels, and fuse boxes

It is important, for your safety, to call our residential electrical contractors whenever your home experiences an outage of this nature. Do not attempt to try and fix these things without calling us first!

Installing new lighting or fans

Our residential electricians are highly skilled at helping homeowners with home improvement projects that involve installing any kind of lighting: new ceiling lights or fans, recessed lighting, lighting under kitchen cabinets, bathroom lighting, basement lighting, outdoor lighting and more.

Troubleshoot and repair flickering lights or intermittent powerFlickering lights or troublesome fluctuating power can be a sign that there are problems with the internal wiring of the home. Discovering the source of the problem can be difficult, so it is always safest and best to call our residential electrical services experts for help.

Restore power to tripped GFCI outlets

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. These outlets protect users against electrical shock by switching off the power if they sense a problem. GFCI outlets are required in new houses, and are most often seen with the “reset” buttons in places such as the bathroom, kitchen and basement. Fixing a problem with GFCI outlets requires professional electrician services, and is not a safe do-it-yourself project.

Repair overheating circuit breakers or electrical panels

Call our Maryland residential electrical contractors whenever circuit breakers or electrical panels overheat, as this is usually a sign of serious wiring problems that require an experienced professional’s hand.

Installing “Whole-House” surge protection

In today’s electronics-heavy household, “whole house” surge protection can safeguard not only the appliances and devices plugged in around the house, but it can actually protect the house from catching on fire due to a sudden surge of electricity. Our residential electricians specialize in making sure that a whole house surge protection installation is safe, effective and lasts for years to come.

These are just a few of the residential electrical services we offer to our customers.

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