There are some jobs out there that you can very well do all on your own. But there are others that need the guidance and experience of a certified electrician in Baltimore, MD. Considering a renovation or remodel for your home and not sure what you’ll need an expert for? Follow along with the team at Maryland Electrician Pros to find out!

Home Remodeling that Requires a Professional Electrician

It can be tempting to try your hand at electrical work, particularly if you think a job is simple. But at Maryland Electrician Pros, our team would recommend that you almost never attempt electrical work on your own.

Why? Primarily because of safety. It can be very easy to get an injury when doing electrical work, even for a professional. But also because a lot of work requires certain certification for the job to be within electrical code, which is a legal matter you don’t want to be on the wrong side of.

Here are our top “this needs an expert” picks:

  • Anything at all requiring new electrical wiring. Many folks think something as small as a light switch installation can be handled without calling in a licensed electrician. After all, it seems really simple, right? Well, it is for a certified electrician in Baltimore. But for a homeowner, literally anything at all that involves wiring (which includes light switches!) should definitely be a no go. The risk is really high here, both for personal injury, and to make a mistake. Even the tiniest mistake can result in massive damage to your home, and it’s just not worth the risk!
  • Altering or upgrading an electrical panel. When you are adding onto your home, or if your renovation includes new heavy appliances or electric gadgets, the odds are good that you’re going to need a heavy-up and or a new electrical panel. Leave this to the pros! If anything is even slightly off, it could kill power to your entire home, possibly even causing extensive damage.
    Light fixture installation. Lights aren’t particularly complex, and it can be a somewhat simple task to install a new light. Particularly if you’re just replacing or upgrading from an older fixture. But once you detach that old light, you’re going to be met with a mess of wiring, which we just spoke about a good bit. Don’t put your fixture and home at risk, just give your friendly electrician in Harford County a call!
  • Ceiling fan installation. Same reason as light fixtures. There’s a lot of wiring in there, and even if you’ve done it before, every single home is somewhat unique when it comes to electrical. What was a thing five, ten years ago could be completely different today.

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