Electrical problems create the very real risk of property damage or even worse, personal injury. Because of the danger involved in working with electricity, diagnosing and repairing electrical problems is best left to professional electricians. The following are a few common symptoms that may indicate that you have a home electrical issue.

Tripped Circuit Breakers:

Circuit breakers are designed to cut off the electrical supply to a circuit when it becomes overloaded. This ensures the wires do not overheat and start a fire. An occasional tripped breaker may indicate a simple overload that you can correct by plugging the appliance into another outlet. If a breaker is constantly tripping, it is time to contact an electrician.

Getting Shocked:

A small shock after walking across carpet is most likely simple static electricity; however, a shock when touching or plugging in an appliance may indicate faulty wiring or a problem with appliance’s ground fault. This is something that could cause serious injury and should be looked at by a licensed electrician quickly.

Hot Fixtures:

Ceiling lights should be well insulated. If you notice that the area around the fixture is warm, it could be a sign that your fixture is not well insulated or that you are using a bulb that exceeds the recommended wattage for the fixture. Both of these situations can cause the fixture to overheat, which creates a fire danger.

Flickering Lights:

If tightening or replacing the bulb does not stop the flickering, you may have a loose wire or other problem with your light fixture or the wiring in your breaker box. These problems require a professional electrician for proper diagnosis and repair.

Sockets and Switches That Do Not Work:

Outlets and switches that only work intermittently may indicate loose wiring or a crack in the device. An electrician can inspect your wiring to identify any loose connections and replace any defective switches and outlets.

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